Maintaining the appearance

Crystal, case and strap
The crystal in Balco watches is made of sapphire. The usual materials for the case and strap are 316L stainless steel, tungsten alloy (tungsten steel), ceramics, carat gold, high-quality cow hide leather and so on.

Wear and tear of the exterior parts: Explanation and recommendations
Sapphire crystal, tungsten alloy (tungsten steel) and ceramics are wear-resistant materials. Their hardness measures are, respectively, 9, 8 and 7, on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness (diamond is 10 on the scale). These materials can resist abrasion, but cannot withstand a strong impact. Meanwhile, some substances of the same or higher hardness such as diamonds, corundum, metal oxide, quartz crystal may damage these materials. Granite, grindstone, sandpaper, nail files, concrete walls and the ground contain these substances and may scratch the crystal. The bend strength and impact toughness of these high-hardness materials are weaker than those of stainless steel. Therefore, remove the watch before exercise. In addition, avoid tungsten-titanium alloy (tungsten steel) from coming into contact with mothballs, pesticides and other chemicals. Once the tungsten-titanium alloy (tungsten steel) is broken, cracked or chipped, the damaged parts must be replaced because they cannot be repaired.

Similarly, the objects mentioned above will damage the case and strap made of materials such as 316L stainless steel, carat gold, PVD vacuum ion plated surfaces. For everyday wear, pay attention to the protection and care of your watch, but also pay special attention to the damage the environment can have on the exterior parts of the watch. On a general basis, avoid contact with chemicals, such as perfumes, skin care products, detergents, shower gel, shampoo, laundry liquid, vinegar, wine, pharmaceuticals, alkaline, salt and other corrosive substances. Once contact is made, clean promptly so as not to cause corrosion or loss of shine of the surface material, or discoloration or peeling of the coating. Also, avoid rubbing against sharp and hard objects. It is very easy for metallic materials to produce scratches and dents after impact, both of which affect the appearance of the watch. You are recommended to wear your watch separate from your jewellery to avoid causing damage to either.

Points to note when wearing a leather strap
Unless otherwise stated, the leather straps on Balco watches are generally produced with superior quality cow hide and embossing technology, hence they are soft and comfortable to the touch. Avoid the straps from coming into contact with various acidic, alkaline liquids and oily substances. It is not advisable to keep the straps drenched in rainwater, water or sweat for prolonged periods, or brushed with water, scorched and exposed under harsh sunlight. Otherwise, the straps will develop an odour or harden, fade, or develop cracks, break, or fall off. When the strap comes into contact with moisture, wipe with a dry, soft cloth as soon as possible and wait to dry naturally; when wearing, avoid pulling the straps too hard. The part with insert holes and bending parts are most prone to cracking and breaking (the greater the bend, the more easily the strap will be broken), so use care when wearing a leather strap.
Replacement of leather straps: it is recommended that the straps should be replaced promptly, according to wear and maintenance habits; and to avoid sweat from seeping into the leather for prolonged periods, leading to odour and affecting the appearance of the watch.

Recommended cleaning of exterior parts
When stains start to appear on the strap, use a soft, damp cloth, dabbed with liquid detergent, to wipe the surface of the strap. Then, quickly wipe dry with a cloth dampened with water. Next, place the watch in a cool place to dry (old stains which have seeped into the leather cannot be removed). Ordinary leather oil can be used for leather strap maintenance. Preferably, wipe the strap clean every month or two, then apply Pledge (a common leather protecting agent) and rub. Then place the watch in a cool place to dry.
Avoid buckling the metallic or leather strap too tightly. Leave a gap between the strap and the wrist that allows a finger to pass through. This can let air circulate, allowing moisture to evaporate and provide better ventilation.
Tear off the protective film from the case cover of a new watch; otherwise, sweat will be trapped in the middle, corroding the case cover.
The case and metallic strap need regular cleaning. Use a soft brush and detergent. Rinse with water then wipe dry (before cleaning, check whether the watch is waterproof. If the watch is not waterproof, do not clean) or visit a Balco authorised repair centre to have the exterior parts cleaned.