• ◆ What is the warranty period of Balco watches?

    A: If verified by Balco’s repair personnel that the malfunction is not a mechanical or manufacturing defect caused by improper use, we provide a two-year warranty from the date of purchase. The proof of purchase and warranty certificate should be kept safe. If you have a problem, like when the battery is dead or water vapour has entered the watch, have it repaired immediately to avoid damage to other parts. For repairs and maintenance, please visit Balco’s authorised repair service centres. Only by doing so will protection be guaranteed. Our professional after-sales staff members will provide you with the most efficient and reliable service.
  • ◆ Why is it that the exterior appearance of the watch is not covered by the warranty?

    A: The appearance of the watch, such as the case, hands, crystal, crown, strap and so on should be checked by both parties to be free of problems at the time of transaction. After the sale, scratches and breaking of the crystal (caused by a variety of reasons), dents on the case, crooked crown and so on, are generally caused by improper use and are therefore not covered by the warranty. However, problems not caused by improper usage, for example, uneven marks on the dial, asymmetrical case and inaccurate hands, are manufacturing defects, and are covered by the warranty and the customer is eligible for a watch replacement. Please be sure to carefully check the watch’s appearance while making the purchase.
  • ◆ Does the colour fade on the watch’s gold electroplating?

    A: Balco watches are made using PVD vacuum ion electroplating technology. Signs of wear will naturally appear upon usage. The colour will slowly fade over time, but will not peel off. The degree and speed of colour fading depend greatly on how much maintenance and care is given during day-to-day wear, as well as the environment in which the watch is worn. For example, high-temperatures or particular working environments will have a greater impact on the colour. Attention to protection and maintenance is needed.
  • ◆ Are the diamonds on Balco watches real?

    A: The diamonds on Balco watches can be divided into two main types: the first type are real diamonds from South Africa. Watches with this type of diamond come with branded custom diamond cards as quality assurance; the other type are zircons and are only for decorative use, and do not come with a diamond card. Whether they are inlaid with real diamonds or zircons, Balco watches glisten with brilliance and shine as your trusted choice.
  • ◆ Do the decorative real diamonds and zircons come off easily?

    A: Please rest assured that Balco watches, as well as the inlaying, are produced with refined craftsmanship and are also made to be very sturdy. Normal wear will not easily cause the diamonds and zircons to come off. If they do because of accidental collisions or soft impact, please promptly contact our after-sales representatives. We will provide you with timely service.
  • ◆ Is the yellow dial made of gold?

    A: No, most of the dials on Balco watches are made of precious metals coated with stove varnish. Some of the watch models use gold dials to highlight the extravagance and their classic appeal and to enhance the overall aesthetics.
  • ◆ How long does the fluorescent coating last on the luminous hands in Balco watches?

    A: Balco uses a luminous coating (a new generation of luminous materials) and applies it on the hands and the dial. Under sunlight, the electrons transition to high energy levels to absorb energy; at night-time electrons return from high energy levels to low levels and emit light without radiation. The florescent hands can be distinguished in the absence of light, enabling the user to tell the time. The specific lifespan of the luminous coating on the hands depends on the level of care and maintenance given. Under normal wear, the coating can remain effective for five years or longer, with the factor being the level of care given. Dampness is the biggest factor that renders the coating useless. It only takes a small amount of moisture to reach the dial to oxidise the coating and form mildew. When this happens, the luminous coating is very likely to lose its function.
  • ◆ What are the differences between solid and hollow steel straps?

    A: The first difference relates to the appearance: the solid strap, as a whole, appears smooth, solid and seamless. Grains can be seen on the side of the strap sections on the hollow strap. They are formed when steel sheets are rolled to form sections. Gaps are visible and prone to trap dirt and are difficult to clean. The second difference relates to the weight: solid stainless steel straps use more material and feel heavier. Hollow straps are made with less stainless steel and therefore feel lighter. The third difference relates to the price: watches with solid straps command a slightly higher price than those with hollow ones. Straps serve to fix the watch into position. The use of different materials will not directly affect the function.
  • ◆ When buying a watch, should a leather strap or a stainless steel one be chosen?

    A: Leather straps are more comfortable to wear. Most Balco leather straps are embossed cow hide leather, which looks distinguished. If they are maintained well for normal daily wear, the strap will last longer. Although the leather straps are comfortable, when worn in the summer, sweat will shorten its lifespan. Stainless steel straps are relatively easier to use and can also avoid the impact of sweat; hence they are more durable. Therefore, you can consider a watch with either stainless or a leather strap and change the straps according to the seasons.
  • ◆ Some leather straps are softer, while some are harder. Why are the two types different?

    A: Like any other object made of leather, hardness depends mainly on the filler material within the leather strap. Different models of Balco watches will have different straps, designed according to the thickness and style of the case. Those models with relatively thicker and heavier cases and with a masculine style are generally paired with thicker leather straps. But, Balco’s leather straps usually become softer and more comfortable and fit the wrist better during wear due to body temperature.