New watch in Alluring Series: assertive yet gentle for expressing confidence

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         The cosmopolitan woman of the 21st century is confident and elegant. During the day she puts in her effort in the workplace. She is career-minded, striving to improve and enrich herself to be a woman who work with determination. At night she returns home, where she shows her feminine tenderness. 

         In a time when expression of one’s confidence is of essence, women shines by showing their true selves. They have a beautiful appearance and a strong determination. They constantly challenge themselves and scale new heights while moving forward. 

         The gladiatorial contest in 200AD was a melee battle: 100 female prisoners of war were pitched against 200 male gladiators. In the end, the male gladiators were either defeated, killed or inflicted with debilitating injuries. Half of the 100 female gladiators survived. The ancient Roman Coliseum symbolises the pursuit of freedom and witnesses the rise of women’s power. The new watch in Balco’s Alluring Series is specially designed for the cosmopolitan women, inspired by the ancient Roman Coliseum. It has a gentle and minimalistic quality, but it also conceals a wealth of power within. It is an unparalleled combination of the expression of assertiveness and the embodiment of gentleness. 

         Inspired by the circular stands at the top of the Coliseum, the dual metal bezel instantly takes us back to the arena of adrenaline-pumping contests. It is as if the battling women from the past have reappeared, showing pure strength without a touch of femininity. They fight for freedom, glory and ultimately their independence. 

         The pure white enamel dial looks smooth, bright and limpid. While retro in style, there is also the delicate quality of the cosmopolitan woman. The watch shows tenderness in all its glory with only a glance.

         A careful count shows that there are eight sparkling decorative gemstones inlaid on the dial. The number seems to coincide with Card VII in Tarot, which is Strength: woman’s hands can calm a ferocious beast. The hands are gentle but powerful. 

         Just like every cosmopolitan woman around us who write her own book on freedom and fortitude, there are two styles to choose from to express her individuality. The power of women is about to show itself to the world at any moment.