New Product in the Alluring SeriesNew watches for the autumn: black and white

20181107 3606新款 内 1.jpg

         Wherever there is black, there is white.  Wherever there is a shadow, there is light. The co-existence is akin to yin and yang, the peal of monastery bells at sunrise and the roar of drums by sunset, or the competing sides of a game of chess.Black and white are classic colours which will never go out of style; colours which will forever be fodder for philosophical meditations. The new watches under Balco’s Dynamic Series feature these two colours and each work their own magic. 

         Darkness is the prelude to sunrise. As the base colour of the all-new premium watches, the black is decorated with radiating debossed stripes with gradient hues.  Details such as the knife-shaped hands and eight inlaid gemstones at the markers help the watch shine brilliantly. The watch gives levels to your wrist and adds unique depths to your grace and temperament. 

         The watches give you an elegant and sophisticated appearance, yet they sport a minimalistic look. All the difference is made when you lift your wrist. The double clasp buckle and the white dial with inlaid gemstones stand the test of time.   

         Through the transparent back cover which is gold-plated with a steel film, every movement is revealed to you. The exploration is endless. The glitter is rhythmic. The luminance is radiant. The watch is a force unto itself. 

         The watches stand the test of time and will stand steadfastly by you in silence. This is the rythym of the tacit understanding between you and the Balco watches. With a quiet appearance that conceals power, the inside contains wonders. The watches give you an insight into the power of time and help you retain your ambition that got you started. The watches represent a consistently high level of aesthetics and high standards of production. The new black and white watches are simply unique on the market. 

         Black and white chess pieces take alternate turns on the board. Night and day are on a persistent cycle. The switch is mysterious yet charming; vibrant yet elegant. The watches give you a trustworthy appearance and are the classic choice for the gentleman. The fine details in the design are our thoughtful additions which outperform others. The new watches in Balco’s Dynamic Series are equipped with Swiss custom-made fully automatic movements. Every model will be your favourite.