New Product in the Alluring Series

A beauty that attracts admiration like the moon shrouded by light clouds 

       Springtime in the month of March is bountifully beautiful.  Balco is celebrating our goddesses with a new product in the Alluring Series. 

       The unique hemispherical fan-shaped lug forms ornate symmetry with the beads in the middle of the watch band.  On the mother-of-pearl dial, another dial engraved with beam-like patterns is embedded eccentrically at the top, creating an irregular visual effect.  The simple circular-shaped date display and the diamond-shaped inlaid gemstone show the sophisticated style of women of the new era.  A European elegance emanates from the entire dial.  The inlaid gemstones of various sizes surround the bezel like snow swirls in the wind, falling with great beauty.  The gemstones on either sides of the bezel inject intertwining harmonies into the overall design.

       Whether it is the refreshing elegance of the white mother-of-pearl dial, or the dream-like charm of the bluish mother-of-pearl dial, this new entry in the Alluring Series is a unique expression of visual art.  Who can resist loving this watch with such great aesthetics? 

20170308 3577倾城.jpg