Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair: Swiss Balco creates art on wrist

       The 35th HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair was held from 6 to 10 September, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair is the world’s largest professional industry exposition for watches and clocks. This year’s iteration attracted more than 800 global exhibitors, and Swiss Balco was naturally invited. The invitation is a testament to the strength and quality of Swiss Balco watches, gaining recognition from the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair. Statistics show the number of exhibitors this year, including participating countries and regions, were at a record level. The theme of the exhibition was “Exploring the Universe.”

       Salon de TE, the section of the exhibition getting all the attention this year, showcased about 150 well-known international brands and designer labels, and was further divided into five themed areas, where global brands, fashionable designs and the latest trends converged. The watches were either sophisticated, or unconventional, masculine or sexy. The watch collectibles were from prestigious brands.

       Asian consumers are paying more attention to quality brand watches, especially from Switzerland. Therefore, this year’s Swiss Eminence section brought together a number of quality elegant Swiss watch brands, and Swiss Balco was of course on the list.

香港钟表展01.jpg  香港钟表展02.jpg

       The Swiss Balco booth celebrated the company’s 90th anniversary with a stunning new watch debut, the Dynamic Series, officially certified Chronometer commemorative model: ruggedly handsome and a tribute to the classics. It attracted large and appreciative crowds.

       Each Chronometer is officially and individually certified by The Swiss Official Chronometer Control, and is issued a certificate as proof of precision timing and superior quality. The white dial comes with a classic chequered pattern. It pairs well with the rose gold time marks, like magnificent classical architecture possessing a solemn glory. The ruggedly handsome exterior contains a Swiss, custom-made, fully automatic mechanical movement.

       Swiss Balco also showed off its distinctive Racing Series watch, which has a customised multifunction, mechanical movement with a 48-hour power reserve. Visible through the transparent back cover, you can see the fine mechanical movement at a glance. On the large dial are three elegantly distributed smaller dials for various timing functions. The passionate styling is an expression of the thrusting urban personality.

香港钟表展03.jpg  香港钟表展04.jpg

       Though it was only five days at the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair, it was a dazzling occasion that will linger long in the memory. At the conclusion of the fair, the Swiss Balco table booth proved to be a moment in time for artworks on the wrist.