Classic timepieces since 1926

A watch is the classic art representation of time: Each gaze at the wrist, time ticks away, the hands sweep around the dial. In a simple mechanical way, a watch reminds us not to forget past gains and losses. But, it also motivates us to aspire to good times in the future. It is exactly this “art of time” that has attracted consummate master watchmakers from Switzerland – the “Kingdom of Watches” – to devote themselves to the birth of so many renowned watch brands. Swiss Balco, founded in 1926, is a leader among these brands.

Devotion to design: Remembering 1943

The 19th century is an important period in the Swiss watch industry. Numerous master watchmakers devoted themselves to producing wristwatches, pouring their enthusiasm and ideas about wristwatches into the design and production technology, creating classic masterpieces. Balco’s master craftsmen did likewise. In addition to their superb workmanship, they also innovated and designed many new types of watches, which were highly appreciated. In the next century, Balco entered the American market and launched a variety of popular pocket watches. Balco continued to thrive and by 1943 it had become one of the best-known Swiss watch brands. This year is therefore of particular importance to Balco.

A century of experience producing premium products

After a hundred years, Balco is still innovating and full of vitality. While crystallising the wisdom of time, Balco harnesses its superb craftsmanship and exquisite design to pass on the philosophy of time. Meanwhile, as a member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH), Balco upholds its commitment to consumers by protecting what makes Swiss watches so special, and providing them with high-quality watches and assurance.

The Balco sales network has extended to China’s major cities and has outlets in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. This has formed the basis for Balco’s successful development in Asia. The brand will further explore the global market and continue Balco’s legend of time.


An artistic haven where classics are made

Located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the Swiss canton of Ticino (Tessin) extends as far as the southern Alps. Ticino has a unique blend of Swiss scenery and Italian culture. In August every year, the world-famous Film Festival Locarno is held here, creating a cultural and artistic atmosphere. It is in picturesque Ticino that Balco set up its production plant, a site of exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship that produces precise timepieces. Balco naturally infuses the rich local culture and romantic sentiments into its watch designs, constantly giving birth to innovative masterpieces. Balco’s various series and products present a multitude of styles: some are elegant and classic, some chic and dynamic, others highly artistic, but each with its own unique charm.

As time goes by, heritage lives on

Following its 2002 launch in China, Balco Swiss Watch has created a series of wristwatches custom-made to fit in with local trends. From the artistic Geometric Series, to the sentimental Sincere Series; from the Velocity Series, filled with speed and passion, to the Mechanical Series, which demonstrates the strengths of modern industry; from the Gold Series which caters to high-end business clients, to the action-filled Dynamic Series; from the Alluring Series, a delicate expression of female beauty, to the Chic Series, which is tailored to independent urban females; as well as the vintage-styled collectible watches, which bear testament to the passage of time. Every series of wristwatches perfectly embodies the spirit of the Balco brand, which is “crystallising the wisdom of time and passing on the philosophy of time” – and is favoured by consumers and highly regarded by the market.


Balco melds superb, traditional technology with modern aesthetic designs, using watches to narrate the story about time. It uses romantic art to interpret mechanical beauty. It makes use of its infinite wisdom to pass on the philosophy of time. It uses art worn around the wrist to accompany each watch lover, as they sail across the river of time, until they reach the other side and achieve ”success.”

Swiss Balco – the crystallisation of the wisdom of time.