The art of wristwatches

- Switzerland’s Balco watches and Hong Kong film superstar Bosco Wong visit Zijinshan Square, in Zhengzhou 

       Although it was rainy day on 17 September in Zhengzhou, Zijinshan, it was teeming with crowds because of the arrival of Bosco “Mr Fashionable” Wong, the spokesperson for Swiss Balco. Many media outlets, fans and movie aficionados turned up. The event was a constant stream of excitement, with plenty of cheers and bursts of applause.

       Balco management and Bosco Wong were on hand to see a Chinese-style performance, which was well received. Foreign models worked their magic by showcasing this year’s new Swiss Balco watch models. Attendees made the most of the opportunity to discover the extraordinary charm of Balco watches.

       There was plenty of excitement when Bosco Wong interacted with the audience. As one of the leading characters in the nationally popular TV drama, Lives of Omission, Bosco Wong ignored the rain and re-enacted a proposal scene from the drama, with a female fan from Zhengzhou. The performance drew hearty laughter from the audience. At the meet-and-greet, Bosco Wong told fans and the media about his first experience of buying a watch. He recalled buying it as a present for his mother. The sheer elegance of Balco watches impresses him the most.

       Senior Balco executives said the brand was committed to the Chinese market and would continue to improve its sales network and provide quality timepieces and ever better service to Chinese consumers.

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